Super Sexy Port & Chocolat

Limited Edition, Holiday Special!🍫🍷💋

Super Sexy Gargoyle Port gets a 3-Way with Super Sexy Chocolates! 

Three custom, artisan-crafted dark chocolate truffles to melt your heart and stir your passions.
🍫🍷💋Jammy Port Reduction atop Port Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache, Enrobed in Silky Dark chocolate Shell.
🍫🍷💋Nibble Your way through Port Reduction Infused Ganache, cloaked in Cocoa Nibs
🍫🍷💋Alas, Sink your teeth into a Velvety Port Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache, dusted in Cocoa Powder.


Ingredients: 72% Dark Chocolate, Pure Cane Sugar, Whole Cream, Pure Cane Sugar, Zinfandel Port, Citric Acid, Raspberries, Fruit Pectin, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs

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Super Sexy Port & Chocolat