2021 Furious Zin



As furiously as the gorgeous gnarley vine ravages the bottle, this fruit-forward Zinfandel will seduce your palate leaving you wanting more.
Tasting Notes on Anarchy Wine Co 2018 Paso Robles Zinfandel
Nose: Amazing! Bright Berry fruit jumps from the glass. Brambly Boysenberry , Red Raspberry, Cherry and spice. Its all in there!!
On the Palate: Bright red berry fruit that turns rich with vanilla and spice. Boysenberry, Red raspberry, cranberry that rolls to dark cherry laced with spice. A crazy spectrum of fruit that finishes with subtle toasted oak. Bramble all day!

ZINFANDEL: The Unsung Heros Fury
In the vast landscape of California's wine legacy, zinfandel endured years as the overlooked stepchild, quietly shaping the industry's narrative. Its journey began in the '70s, nestled at the core of Gallo's "hearty burgundy" jug, and later, it sparked the '80s rosé revolution—an unsung trailblazer in a sea of varietals.
Yet, recognition in the "California history of wine" eluded zin, leaving it simmering with frustration. Why? Because it's the furious warrior! Much like the neglected hero who bore the burdens of American settlers and fueled the aspirations of gold miners, zinfandel seethed with an unacknowledged intensity. Its story, though compelling, rarely stepped into the limelight.
In storms the Furious zin, a genuine furious warrior, armed with a label as bold as its character—a label showcasing the gnarly vine symbolizing its strength.
To some, zinfandel may lack a perceived glamour, but I stand here to champion its cause. As one of my favorite varietals to craft, savor, and blend, I proudly amplify its tale. It is responsible for one of my showings on the Wine Spectator’s TOP 100. With its captivating spice and personality, zinfandel triumphs across appellations. It remains my trusted companion for blending, laying the foundation for both Anarchy (Rhone style) and Superfly (Bordeaux style). We're a formidable duo, and who knows, the journey might lead to an accidental dance with a zinfandel/chardonnay blend. Here's to the furious warrior—raise a glass to furious zin!

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Paso Robles
2021 Furious Zin