Furious Muse 3pk

Honor the Furious Muse in your life. May is the month of the Furious Muse.

2018 Furious Muse Cabernet Franc Willow Creek District Paso Robles 

On the nose: Bright red berry fruit with an undertone of blueberry and hints of cranberry and white pepper.

On the Palate:  Rich red berry fruit that starts with cherry then turns dark and blueberry in character.  The rich mid-palate is supported by luxurious tannins that lace well with the ample fruit supported mouthfeel. Silken Structures are transformed as white and black pepper take the stage and trail into a creamy oak finish.  This is a sensuous wine.  It will seduce you and leave you craving more.

Ultimate Pairing;  Steak Au Poivre with Brandy Cream Sauce and Gratin.

Savor this wine and its experience with a willing companion.

The Bordelaise has always been seen as a realm of men. Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Petite Verdot are all decidedly masculine by their nature. Cabernet Franc has always struck me as something different. It tends to be slightly less tannic in structure and more graceful than the adonis; Cabernet Sauvignon. She is different, but of the same family and encompassing more of the Divine Feminine in character. And as it should,.... because DNA testing has shown Cabernet Franc to be the Mother of Cabernet Sauvignon....OMG Really? Scandalous romance and drama in France? Apparently, one night after much reverie, the temptress Cabernet Franc seduced and had a one night stand with Sauvignon Blanc and magically produced the prodigal son that went on to become the King of wines. Alert the tabloids! Could this be 50 Shades of Red?
So who is this Furious Muse of the Bordeaux? Research shows that she hailed from the Libournais region in the Southwest of France but settled happily farther north in the Loire Valley. By the 18th century, plantings had shown up in St. Emillion, Pomerol and became a cornerstone varietal in the Bordeaux region. Today Cabernet Franc is firmly rooted in France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and South America In North America she is succeeding in Canada, California, New York, Washington, and even Colorado.
The flavors of Cabernet Franc are similar to Cabernet Sauvignon but tend to be more feminine, especially with its perfumed bouquet. She is powerful but has a more graceful and elegant tannin structure that caresses and seduces your palate. The velvet mouthfeel is laced with flavors of raspberries, black currant, mocha, spice, tobacco with and a hint of green peppercorn. (Note: the pepper used in real Steak Au Poivre) When it doesn’t get ripe all the way this can show itself as the nasty green bell pepper and is why she needs to be grown and made on an artisan level with impeccable attention to detail. When grown in the right locations in a year that achieves full ripeness, the Furious Muse will cast her spell upon you with a palate of lush fruit, spice, tobacco, and rich mocha flavors layered in a lingering seduction of tannins that tease like being spanked by a velvet glove.
Savor the Moment,
Christian Tietje Winemaker

Furious Muse Playlist
Kate Bush “Cloudbusting”
Sinead O’Conner “Mandinka”
The Pretenders “Precious”
Duran Duran “Rio”
Prince “I Would Die for U
Rihanna “Umbrella”
Nelle Furtadao “Say It Right”
Killing Joke “Love lIke Blood”
Garbage “Super Vixen”
Silver Sun Pickups “The Royal We”
Kills “Doing it to Death”

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