2017 Tao de Toro 3pack

In the Year of the Ox... find your Zen with Taō del Toro! 
The monthly Special for March.  3 Taō del Toro for $125 (retails for $165)

The Way of the Bull

Tempranillo is the big Bull of Spain. Cabernet is the Bull of California (though a little different, more like a Bison).

Most winemakers would put some subordinate blenders in the pen with either of those bulls, not wanting a challenge  them for dominance. But for years, I’ve had a plan. To use Cabernet Sauvignon side by side with Tempranillo. Would it be a bromance? A fight to the death? Nobody knows...until now. 

Putting those two beasts in a ring together created some kind of divine synergy. These two pair very well, filling in around each other’s weak points. Although they are both big tannic wines, the structures layer with a smoothness that softens to velvet with the right barrels. Big, but graceful. A Ying and Yang of size and Tannin.

If you love big ass wines as much as I do, it’s time for you to meet Taō del Toro. The Way of the Bull.


Gold, 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

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2017 Tao de Toro 3pack