2018 Anarchy

36% Zinfandel, 36% Mourvedre, 28% Syrah


"A little Anarchy is good now and then." Thomas Jefferson

It may be socially demonizing to say this wine is a big middle finger to the pretentiousness that is French GSM's but we are Anarchy and we don't care who we piss off in the name of good wine and pushing the envelope. Welcome to outside the box where ZSM's shine with a berry bomb of tart cherry and red raspberry in cascading layers that hit the palate with vibrant acidity. It turns dark and brooding with hints of anise and brambly fruit with a racy mouthfeel that trails into sultry lingerie of toasted oak that leaves your mouth watering for more...


Double Gold, 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

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/ 750ml Bottle
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Paso Robles
2018 Anarchy